Friday, May 15, 2009

Creative Forces

I need to be more creative. Or at least more productive! I've always been a creative person, with my photography and art, but my production level seems to be affected by so many external things. My drive to create is often pushed aside by another driving force.... love. Well, ok... the search for love. I find myself searching for my Mister Right so often (and on a regular basis!) that it has become part of my daily schedule. I get up, make coffee, scan the dating sites.... multiple dating sites....tweet about the losers I come across... tweet some more and complain that I'm spending too much time looking for men..... repeat. and get the idea.
I do find that when I am in a relationship, I do seem to have more time for the creative things like painting, and writing, and often my "love" will inspire me to create works of art. Many times I've created something for the object of my desire, and presented it to him as a token of my feelings. Some of those works of art, I wish I had gotten back after the breakup, but many were created with just that person in mind, and would remind me of them, so it's better that they aren't sitting around!
Now, I just need to get motivated...... and create! Write! Paint! Glue paper to every surface in my apartment!

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