Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Meeting

My new "boyfriend" ( yes, I'm still getting used to that term!) met all of my family last night. He came up to my Mom's house, where my son and I are visiting on vacation. My son didn't say much about the new boyfriend. I asked what he thought of him, and I got the typical kid response of "yeah, he was cool".
The boyfriend, otherwise known on here as POF guy, impressed my mom by bringing her a purple hydrangea plant, her fave!
The evening went well. It is important for someone you are dating to "fit in" with your family. It appears that he fits right in with my crazy, and sometimes weird family!
POF's mother has been asking about me. Look like I will be meeting her on Friday night!


  1. Sounds awesome!! Looking forward to hearing how it goes with meeting his mom - the whole parental meeting thing is always anxiety-causing for me.

    sounds like things are going well.....!! :)

  2. My fingers are crossed for you, DG. I'm really hoping things continue along this path. It sounds good so far!