Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I just need to vent a bit.. so feel free to click on thru to the next blog, site, or what ever you were doing before you came to my site.
I found out today that my son won't be going to summer camp this summer. I had applied for scholarship money to pay for 2 weeks of camp for him, but was told today that there simply was no more money left. It's not a HUGE deal that my son won't be able to go to camp, but being a single mom with no family in the area, I like my son to be able to get together with other kids and socialize during summer break.
My other major concern lately is that my business has been slow. VERY slow. I only had 2 weddings this summer to photograph. The majority of my income over the summer months comes from doing weddings. Without the wedding income, I only have my freelance assignments, which also slow down during the summer months. I can go a couple of weeks with out working at all.
I get paid once a month from my freelance work. This months income... $675. My rent alone is $550. My "savings" is about gone, and I'm getting scared.
I have tried many times in the past few years to find a "real" job to help with the bills. But, being a single mom, I have a limited availability. I can only work when my son is in school. Mon-Fri- 8am-5:30pm, if I pay for my son to go to before & after care (which is now up to $15 a day!). There isn't a retail job out there that will hire someone for those hours. They all want you to be available nights & weekends. As I said earlier.... I have no family or friends around to watch my son.
I have searched for other job possibilities, but my qualifications don't apply to most "office/9-5" jobs.
So.... I will keep on struggling.
If you read thru this.... thanks. and I'm sorry for making you read my ranting and whining.


  1. Girl, we are ALL allowed to rant and whine're no different. I wish I had something concrete to offer you - for now all I've got is a vitual hug. Hang in there and try to have some faith. It's not always easy, I know.


  2. DG, you're certainly not alone in this financial pinch that's taking place.

    I might be losing my phone/internet connection within the next week or two unless I find some money...quick.

    It probably wouldn't take too long to catch back up...maybe a month...but I live on the internet, so it certainly would suck.

    Anyway...that's my little secret. These times are tough. REAL tough.

  3. Everybody needs to rant now and then. It's such a release...thanks for sharing. I understand about not being able to find a job you actually enjoy. I hope that your business picks up soon! Stay strong!