Monday, July 20, 2009

A New Chapter

I'm starting a new chapter in the Adventures of Dating Girl. I am officially "dating" POF guy now. The term "boyfriend" has been tossed around recently. POF came up to my home town last weekend and met my Brother & Sister-in-law.
Tomorrow, he will meet my Son and my Mother.
Things with POF have progressed faster than I had anticipated. After he came up and met my brother this past weekend, I saw how well he would fit in with my family. My son knew a little bit about POF, just because my Mom & Sister-in-law kept talking about him!
The only thing I hope is that I won't regret the decision to introduce my son to someone so quickly. I think that my son is getting older now, and is capable of meeting someone that I am spending time with, without having him think I am choosing someone over him.
My son has gone thru the process of his father getting remarried last year. He knows that after a divorce, parents do meet other people.
When I was growing up with a single mother, I hated the thought of her spending her time with anyone but me. She was MY mom. I think my son has a little bit of this attitude, because it has just been "the two of us" for almost 3 years now.
We'll see how things go tomorrow.


  1. Nice blog check me out ;P Good Luck! Keep up the good work. Cheers

  2. Good luck with this - keep us posted, 'kay?