Monday, July 27, 2009

New Ms Modern Post

Please read my new Ms. Modern post.

It's about my best friend.

Ms. Modern

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Meeting

My new "boyfriend" ( yes, I'm still getting used to that term!) met all of my family last night. He came up to my Mom's house, where my son and I are visiting on vacation. My son didn't say much about the new boyfriend. I asked what he thought of him, and I got the typical kid response of "yeah, he was cool".
The boyfriend, otherwise known on here as POF guy, impressed my mom by bringing her a purple hydrangea plant, her fave!
The evening went well. It is important for someone you are dating to "fit in" with your family. It appears that he fits right in with my crazy, and sometimes weird family!
POF's mother has been asking about me. Look like I will be meeting her on Friday night!

Monday, July 20, 2009

A New Chapter

I'm starting a new chapter in the Adventures of Dating Girl. I am officially "dating" POF guy now. The term "boyfriend" has been tossed around recently. POF came up to my home town last weekend and met my Brother & Sister-in-law.
Tomorrow, he will meet my Son and my Mother.
Things with POF have progressed faster than I had anticipated. After he came up and met my brother this past weekend, I saw how well he would fit in with my family. My son knew a little bit about POF, just because my Mom & Sister-in-law kept talking about him!
The only thing I hope is that I won't regret the decision to introduce my son to someone so quickly. I think that my son is getting older now, and is capable of meeting someone that I am spending time with, without having him think I am choosing someone over him.
My son has gone thru the process of his father getting remarried last year. He knows that after a divorce, parents do meet other people.
When I was growing up with a single mother, I hated the thought of her spending her time with anyone but me. She was MY mom. I think my son has a little bit of this attitude, because it has just been "the two of us" for almost 3 years now.
We'll see how things go tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I just need to vent a bit.. so feel free to click on thru to the next blog, site, or what ever you were doing before you came to my site.
I found out today that my son won't be going to summer camp this summer. I had applied for scholarship money to pay for 2 weeks of camp for him, but was told today that there simply was no more money left. It's not a HUGE deal that my son won't be able to go to camp, but being a single mom with no family in the area, I like my son to be able to get together with other kids and socialize during summer break.
My other major concern lately is that my business has been slow. VERY slow. I only had 2 weddings this summer to photograph. The majority of my income over the summer months comes from doing weddings. Without the wedding income, I only have my freelance assignments, which also slow down during the summer months. I can go a couple of weeks with out working at all.
I get paid once a month from my freelance work. This months income... $675. My rent alone is $550. My "savings" is about gone, and I'm getting scared.
I have tried many times in the past few years to find a "real" job to help with the bills. But, being a single mom, I have a limited availability. I can only work when my son is in school. Mon-Fri- 8am-5:30pm, if I pay for my son to go to before & after care (which is now up to $15 a day!). There isn't a retail job out there that will hire someone for those hours. They all want you to be available nights & weekends. As I said earlier.... I have no family or friends around to watch my son.
I have searched for other job possibilities, but my qualifications don't apply to most "office/9-5" jobs.
So.... I will keep on struggling.
If you read thru this.... thanks. and I'm sorry for making you read my ranting and whining.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Game Delay

My "back in the game" attitude experienced a game delay. After a week of multiple dates, with multiple guys.... I got thrown off track by one of the guys.
POF guy, the "older guy", and I had 4 dates last week. We had a good time getting to know each other. I had to get past my hang up of him being 42, which is older than any guy I've dated before. After hanging out with him, I realized that on him, 42 wasn't that bad.
On our last date he brought me a dozen roses. Pink, my favorite color. He even came over to help me pack my car up for my vacation.
While I was on vacation, we kept in touch by texting a lot. A few days into the trip, I was in the movies when I received a phone call from POF. When I got done with the movie, I returned his call. He said he didn't call me. Hmmm. Confused.
A few minutes, I get a text from POF saying that while he was visiting his daughter, his ex-wife had taken his phone, and must have tried to call me. Great! Just what I need!
Sure enough, about a half hour later, I get a phone call from a number I didn't recoginize. I let it go to voicemail. It was the ex-wife. She introduced herself, and said she was "going to ruin everything for POF" and I.
The evening continued with multiple texts from her. Asking if I knew about POF ruining his daughters birthday (still don't know what that is about!), asking if I had sex with him, and if I had sent him "provocative" photos. She wanted to warn me about POF, and said the last 2 women he tried to date, broke up with him because he lied. She some how found my dating profile on the POF site, and asked if she could show it to her daughter. Her daughter didn't know anything about me before that!
I didn't respond to any of her calls or texts. I let POF know that she had called and texted, and let him know what kinds of things she was accusing him and I of.
I felt attacked, and like I was being judged by someone who doesn't even know me. I wanted to defend myself, but I didn't want to get involved with this woman. I left it up to POF to set his ex-wife straight, and to tell her to leave me alone. They obviously have some issues to work on between themselves before he should try to get involved with anyone else.
This whole episode has put dating POF on hold. I told him I needed time to think about what I wanted. I know what I don't want is to have to deal with a crazy ex-wife calling me and texting me!
I'm not writing POF guy off completely, but I am taking things VERY slowly now, cautiously considering any future dating possibilities.