Friday, June 5, 2009

Dating Butterflies

I love that feeling I get when I meet someone new, and there's that flutter in my stomach.... I call it the Dating Butterflies.
Dating Butterflies are what you get when you contact someone on a dating site, and they respond to your email. It's the feeling you get when someone *winks* at you on a dating site, and you want to *wink* back. The instant connection with someone that makes you want to know more.
This initial phase of finding someone and wanting to find out everything you can about them, gives me the Dating Butterflies. I feel like a school girl... giddy... wanting to scribble his name on my notebook. I wonder about all the little, silly things... like his favorite color, how he takes his coffee, and boxers or briefs? The small things, that in the end, really have no bearing on actual relationships. Does is really matter that he drinks his coffee black, and I'm a die hard cream & tons of sugar girl? The details are just the sprinkles on the frosting, they add color and variety, but don't really change the frosting.
The Dating Butterflies leaves you with a nervous, excited feeling most of the day. Excited about finding out more about this possible match. In this online dating world, the Dating Butterflies is most common before the first date. The emails, texts, phone calls.... finding out as much as you can about this person, in hopes that the first date will be amazing!

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