Sunday, June 28, 2009

Back in the Game

After my set back with Mr.Saturday, I didn't waste any time trying to set up new dates, and meet new people.
I met a twitter musician friend, and caught his show at a local bar. It was nice to see some live music and make a new friend.
I met Pie Guy twice this week for dinner dates, and caught a bit of a local outdoor concert. We enjoyed some wine, and conversation.
I had a first date with Mr. Sushi. Was a nice date, at my favorite sushi place. Again, good conversation.
I went to an outdoor concert/festival on Friday. I had left my number with a guy from Match earlier in the day, with the hopes that he would get out of work early enough to meet me there. I was pleasantly surprised when he contacted me, and we ended up hanging out at the concert all evening.
I was invited out to dinner on Saturday by a guy from POF. He's a little older, but I had a nice dinner date with him.
Looks like my dating slump has ended... or at least I hope!


  1. wow - just keep them all strait

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  3. Hooray! Please come and rub off on me - I need some dating slump magic-off!
    Glad you have a fun weekend.

  4. Best of luck with your new possibilities! B)