Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Speed Dating ....again?

I've tried Speed Dating before. It was a fun evening. You sit down with 10 or so men, chat with one for 6 minutes, then *DING* ... the next prospect sits down in front of you. A good way to talk to a wide range of men within your age range, in a short amount of time... kinda like weeding thru the bad ones in person.
My Speed Dating experience, while providing me with an evening worth of entertainment, left me still looking for Mister Right. Out of the 10 guys I chatted with, I thought 3 of them were worth a second chat, to see if there was any other connection. Two of them were NO WAY's, and the others were... eh... nothing special,no common interests.
I went home after my Speed Dating event, and entered my thoughts about each guy (yes or no) on the website, and within 5 days, you would see who said yes to you.
Five days later, I got my results. The only 2 guys who said yes to me, were the 2 guys that I said NO WAY to! Sigh.
No luck with round one of Speed Dating. Round Two?
Speed Dating Round Two was suppose to be tomorrow night. When I pre-registered, it said the men's section was full! Sounded good... more to choose from!
I got the call today that the Speed Dating event is canceled. Not enough women signed up. Come on Ladies!
Oh well, maybe next time!

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  1. Ohh...better luck next time. I also like speed dating events as they are a really fun way to meet other singles. But to get a possible second date with the person you are interested in you need them to be interested in you as well. So it’s important to stand out from the crowd.

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