Friday, June 12, 2009

Hopeless Romantic

I'm sitting here this morning, on the day of Modern Single Mom's wedding.. reading over all the posts of her exciting day. Reading about the tears, the dress, the flowers, the cake... the man of her dreams that she's finally met, a little later than she hoped, but still.... Seeing all the Twitter followers wishing her well, is quite inspiring.
Among those Tweeters are canadianbaldguy and momma_sunshine.
CBG and Sunshine always write amazing blog posts about each other. I feel privileged to be able to read from both sides of the story. Usually you don't get to hear the stories from both parties involved in a relationship. Most likely you're friends with one of them, so you get a one sided view of what the relationship is. It has been exciting, as I live vicariously thru their blog posts, to see their refound love develop and grow.
I hope, someday... soon.... to be able to share with you all.. my mushy romantic feelings. I want to make you all cry just like CBG and Sunshine make me cry! :)


  1.'re such a sweetie! Thanks. :)

    If I can be honest, I LOVE reading his side of the story, too. The big lug makes me fall in love with him all over again all the time.


  2. I just write from the heart, DG. My only hope is that our feelings will be felt by everybody at some point in their lives...because whether or not we work out long-term (honestly, who knows for sure?), at least we know that right now we are incredibly happy; perhaps as happy as we've ever been.

    Everybody needs to experience that. And I've no doubt that you will, too. Patience and positive thinking will eventually lead to happiness.

  3. I'm guilty of it lately as well, when you love someone so completely it's hard not to gush. Lock me up I confess :) I hope that your day comes soon as well. Hugs!

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