Monday, June 22, 2009

Mr. Saturday

I'm sure some of you have read my recent Twitter "tweets" about Mr. Saturday. Things with Mr. S started out so well. Perfect first date, asking for the second date- and possibly third before the first date ended. We kept up a pretty consistent communication routine right from the beginning. He would text me in the morning. We'd exchange our good mornings, and describe what we were doing that day. Nightly chats online, and phone calls. This communication lasted until after our second date, which he ended early because he was getting sick with a bad cold. After than, he stopped texting me first in the morning, and at first I didn't think too much of it, thinking he was dealing with being sick and all. Over the next few days, he texts became less frequent, and shorter answers, less questions.
After not hearing from Mr. S for over a day, I sent him a text and got a short... almost rude response back. Well,that's it. I can assume he's done with me.
Today, was suppose to be our third date. I tried to just be above all of the games and move on, but I'm an emotional woman. I sent him an email. I told him it was obvious that he has chosen to stop talking to me, and to not pursue any further dating relationship with me. I didn't tell him I was upset or pissed at how he acted, I just wanted him to know that I was aware of his childish behavior. I guess I also wanted to get the last word in. ;)


  1. I am a huge fan of getting the last word in!

    I make it a point to tell guys I am not interested in playing games and if they lose interest I fully expect them to take some responsibility and tell me honestly.

    Of course most of them pussy out. Feel better and don't let him get you down.

  2. Guys are soooooooo dumb sometimes. I seriously ask why do we bother sometimes.... but I think we all know why. There are some great ones out there and awesome single gals do find them. Fingers crossed for us!!

  3. Oh darling, I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. Sadly, that kind of juvenile nonsense happens all the time. Guys really are worse than kids sometimes.

  4. Oh, I am sorry. I know this feeling! And know he doesn't deserve you one bit. Glad you got the last word in too...Good for you! Best of luck.

  5. Get rid of them early. He didn't deserve you if he was going to act that way.