Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Sexual Self

I struggle with something.... My sexual self is doing battle with my romantic self. My sexual self is powerful and hungry, and has needs! While my romantic self is waiting for Mister Right to come along. In my ideal world, I would meet Mister Right and he will fulfill my sexual needs. It's the meeting part that I have to make it through.
Being a very sexual creature, I am very open about sexual topics. During a relationship, this is a wonderful thing... open communication, discussing needs... no secrets. During the "dating" process, being this sexually open usually leads to wrong impressions. A guy finds out that I am a sexual person, and a switch gets flipped in their brain.... the "She's easy" switch. Once this switch gets flipped, it's hard to turn it off. Once a guy finds out you are sexual, like sex, and like talking about sex... well, that's all he thinks about! He stops thinking about you as any sort of "relationship" material. Don't men want to be with women who are secure with their sexual selves?
Why can't a sexually liberated woman be open and honest about what she wants with out men thinking that is ALL she wants. Of course I want to experience great sex... lots and lots of great sex, but I want it with a partner I trust, and care about, and hell... even love.


  1. You know what, I think that there *are* guys out there who are cool with a sexually liberated woman and still sees her as "relationship material".

    Not to go on and on about how GREAT CBG is, but that's one of the areas that we're so compatible - sexually. There was a lot of "weirdness" in my marriage when it came to sex, on both my part and my exhusband part, and it resulted in a not great sex life. I knew that was something that I wanted to be different 'next time around' - and I've very much found that in CBG. We're not only compatible, but very open in the sex department, and have been from the start of things - which, for the both of us, was both extremely important and a huge relief.

    Anyhow, all I want to say is that I think there ARE men out there who understand the difference between a woman who is "sexual", and a woman who is "easy"...

  2. That's very strange to me. I date some extremely sexual women, but if anything, being comfortable with one's sexuality is a major bonus for "relationship material," if not downright essential. I'm hoping you can find guys in the future that will appreciate what a wonderful thing it is to have a lover who knows what she wants and enjoys it.

  3. Interesting post. I am a guy and I believe that the two sides you describe can co-exist just fine. Since you appear to be very sexually in tune with yourself fulfill that need and continue to look for Mr Right. When the two personality traits meet with one person it will make all the more pleasureable.
    Hey, but what I do know. I'm single and going through the same thing. Just in reverse. (I mean me loking for Mrs Right)
    Whew! Didn't want you to get the wrong idea regarding my manly, egotistical, self obsorbing chick on my shoulder.

    Troy @The_Troy_Show.