Sunday, June 28, 2009

Back in the Game

After my set back with Mr.Saturday, I didn't waste any time trying to set up new dates, and meet new people.
I met a twitter musician friend, and caught his show at a local bar. It was nice to see some live music and make a new friend.
I met Pie Guy twice this week for dinner dates, and caught a bit of a local outdoor concert. We enjoyed some wine, and conversation.
I had a first date with Mr. Sushi. Was a nice date, at my favorite sushi place. Again, good conversation.
I went to an outdoor concert/festival on Friday. I had left my number with a guy from Match earlier in the day, with the hopes that he would get out of work early enough to meet me there. I was pleasantly surprised when he contacted me, and we ended up hanging out at the concert all evening.
I was invited out to dinner on Saturday by a guy from POF. He's a little older, but I had a nice dinner date with him.
Looks like my dating slump has ended... or at least I hope!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mr. Saturday, part 2

After my last post, and sending the email to Mr. Saturday, some new information has come to light. First of all, he did not respond to my email at all. While checking my Facebook today, it listed on my page that he had changed his status to "in a relationship", with a female "friend" adding a smushy comment after it.
Wow, really? Just like that? He met this girl over the weekend, and just fell head over heels for her and decided to be in a "relationship" with her? OK...Thats fine, it can happen like that. I'm all for "love at first sight", and wish it would happen to me. What really just pisses me off about this whole thing is that he didn't have the balls to just tell me.
It was safe to assume that he had found a better option than me, when he stopped talking to me a few days ago. All I needed to know was that he decided move on. Why keep a girl hanging on, wondering what happened?
This is not the first time this has happened to me. I've had many a guy just stop talking to me after one date, two dates... weeks, hell... even a 5 month relationship! And I'm always left wondering... was it me? was it something I did? I will never know in most cases.
This time, I'm walking away thinking... he went with a better option. I'm not saying that this woman is better than me, oh-hell no! Just that she was better for him right now.
I'm right for someone, somewhere.....sometime. I just hope that time is soon!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Mr. Saturday

I'm sure some of you have read my recent Twitter "tweets" about Mr. Saturday. Things with Mr. S started out so well. Perfect first date, asking for the second date- and possibly third before the first date ended. We kept up a pretty consistent communication routine right from the beginning. He would text me in the morning. We'd exchange our good mornings, and describe what we were doing that day. Nightly chats online, and phone calls. This communication lasted until after our second date, which he ended early because he was getting sick with a bad cold. After than, he stopped texting me first in the morning, and at first I didn't think too much of it, thinking he was dealing with being sick and all. Over the next few days, he texts became less frequent, and shorter answers, less questions.
After not hearing from Mr. S for over a day, I sent him a text and got a short... almost rude response back. Well,that's it. I can assume he's done with me.
Today, was suppose to be our third date. I tried to just be above all of the games and move on, but I'm an emotional woman. I sent him an email. I told him it was obvious that he has chosen to stop talking to me, and to not pursue any further dating relationship with me. I didn't tell him I was upset or pissed at how he acted, I just wanted him to know that I was aware of his childish behavior. I guess I also wanted to get the last word in. ;)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Hopeless Romantic

I'm sitting here this morning, on the day of Modern Single Mom's wedding.. reading over all the posts of her exciting day. Reading about the tears, the dress, the flowers, the cake... the man of her dreams that she's finally met, a little later than she hoped, but still.... Seeing all the Twitter followers wishing her well, is quite inspiring.
Among those Tweeters are canadianbaldguy and momma_sunshine.
CBG and Sunshine always write amazing blog posts about each other. I feel privileged to be able to read from both sides of the story. Usually you don't get to hear the stories from both parties involved in a relationship. Most likely you're friends with one of them, so you get a one sided view of what the relationship is. It has been exciting, as I live vicariously thru their blog posts, to see their refound love develop and grow.
I hope, someday... soon.... to be able to share with you all.. my mushy romantic feelings. I want to make you all cry just like CBG and Sunshine make me cry! :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wedding Bells

Tomorrow, a fellow single mom blogger Modern Single Mom, is getting married. Tonight, she hosted her bachelorette party live on Ustream for all of us to see. Not a typical "bachelorette" party, but a great affirming moment between a group of Twitter followers. It shows the power of social networks, and the bonds that can be made thru them.
As a single mom, who is self employed, I find myself struggling to make social connections in "real life". Twitter has been an amazing experience for me. I've always been an online chatter, but I've made more connections with twitter people in the past few weeks, than I have in years on other sites. I've found myself in this network of amazing single moms, working women, business women, blogger dads, and creative people of all types. I find myself talking with people from all over the world, and if I could,I would visit them tomorrow!
The single moms that I have befriended are an amazing source of inspiration for me. I love to read about their struggles with raising children and paying the bills...all while searching for, falling in, falling out, or being in love.
It gives me hope to see someone like Modern Single Mom on the night before her wedding, so happy in love. She wished the same to all of the other single moms out there, and said not to give up hope... there is someone out there.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Sexual Self

I struggle with something.... My sexual self is doing battle with my romantic self. My sexual self is powerful and hungry, and has needs! While my romantic self is waiting for Mister Right to come along. In my ideal world, I would meet Mister Right and he will fulfill my sexual needs. It's the meeting part that I have to make it through.
Being a very sexual creature, I am very open about sexual topics. During a relationship, this is a wonderful thing... open communication, discussing needs... no secrets. During the "dating" process, being this sexually open usually leads to wrong impressions. A guy finds out that I am a sexual person, and a switch gets flipped in their brain.... the "She's easy" switch. Once this switch gets flipped, it's hard to turn it off. Once a guy finds out you are sexual, like sex, and like talking about sex... well, that's all he thinks about! He stops thinking about you as any sort of "relationship" material. Don't men want to be with women who are secure with their sexual selves?
Why can't a sexually liberated woman be open and honest about what she wants with out men thinking that is ALL she wants. Of course I want to experience great sex... lots and lots of great sex, but I want it with a partner I trust, and care about, and hell... even love.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

To tell the truth?

A twitter follower brought up the question...Do men see your blog and wonder if you will bash them after a date or break up? My initial reaction to that was "I don't advertise my blog on my dating profiles." The men I happen to date, aren't following my blog, and won't see my rants....but really, would it be so bad if they did?
I started thinking about it, and I don't think I "man bash" on my blog. I'm not using real names or saying "Josh from Lansing has a small penis!" (Seriously, I don't even know a Josh). I did tell the story about the ex bf and the penis extender, but come on.. that's just funny. Any guy who purposely tells his ex gf that he made THAT purchase, deserves a blog post!
I've thought about how much to reveal on my blog, knowing that a possible date might read it, or a future bf will find out about it. I don't want to feel like I am hiding anything. I have always been an open and honest person.
I'm writing about things that happen to me in my life, and right now, most of that involves dating. I'm writing about how I am affected by certain events in my life, and about how I feel. But more importantly, I'm writing about me.

Pictures tell a thousand words

In in online dating world, a good photo is priceless. It's the first thing someone will see when looking at your profile. On some sites, it's all about the photo, with very little information to go along with with.
I'm not one to judge solely based on looks, but a good picture will help create a "spark", that little something that makes you stop and look twice at someones profile.
Some people look exactly like their photos, which I think is a good thing! For good, or bad.. when you meet someone online, you see their photo, you begin to imagine that person as you are chatting with them. When you finally meet in person, there are no surprises. I met one guy online, who looked like a late 20-something alterna-snowboarder dude. When we went in person, he was a 40+ man who looked like a troll! How could I have gotten such a wrong visual impression of someone? I've also had conversations with guys who have a few photos on their profiles, showing some variety and range.. but realize later that the range of photos they were promoting was from 10 years ago.
I try to keep my photos current. I'm always taking new photos, and updating my profiles. I was just stopped in public last night, by a guy who recognized me from one of my dating profiles. I must look like my photos for this guy to see me in a crowd of a thousand people, and say "Hey, That's the girl I emailed 2 weeks ago".
I only wish that more men took the time to make sure they have a decent photo, and actually look like the photo they are promoting.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Dating Butterflies

I love that feeling I get when I meet someone new, and there's that flutter in my stomach.... I call it the Dating Butterflies.
Dating Butterflies are what you get when you contact someone on a dating site, and they respond to your email. It's the feeling you get when someone *winks* at you on a dating site, and you want to *wink* back. The instant connection with someone that makes you want to know more.
This initial phase of finding someone and wanting to find out everything you can about them, gives me the Dating Butterflies. I feel like a school girl... giddy... wanting to scribble his name on my notebook. I wonder about all the little, silly things... like his favorite color, how he takes his coffee, and boxers or briefs? The small things, that in the end, really have no bearing on actual relationships. Does is really matter that he drinks his coffee black, and I'm a die hard cream & tons of sugar girl? The details are just the sprinkles on the frosting, they add color and variety, but don't really change the frosting.
The Dating Butterflies leaves you with a nervous, excited feeling most of the day. Excited about finding out more about this possible match. In this online dating world, the Dating Butterflies is most common before the first date. The emails, texts, phone calls.... finding out as much as you can about this person, in hopes that the first date will be amazing!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Speed Dating ....again?

I've tried Speed Dating before. It was a fun evening. You sit down with 10 or so men, chat with one for 6 minutes, then *DING* ... the next prospect sits down in front of you. A good way to talk to a wide range of men within your age range, in a short amount of time... kinda like weeding thru the bad ones in person.
My Speed Dating experience, while providing me with an evening worth of entertainment, left me still looking for Mister Right. Out of the 10 guys I chatted with, I thought 3 of them were worth a second chat, to see if there was any other connection. Two of them were NO WAY's, and the others were... eh... nothing special,no common interests.
I went home after my Speed Dating event, and entered my thoughts about each guy (yes or no) on the website, and within 5 days, you would see who said yes to you.
Five days later, I got my results. The only 2 guys who said yes to me, were the 2 guys that I said NO WAY to! Sigh.
No luck with round one of Speed Dating. Round Two?
Speed Dating Round Two was suppose to be tomorrow night. When I pre-registered, it said the men's section was full! Sounded good... more to choose from!
I got the call today that the Speed Dating event is canceled. Not enough women signed up. Come on Ladies!
Oh well, maybe next time!